Based in Charleston, SC, Stan Tsoy dedicates his diverse background as a CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach and Registered Nurse to helping you develop a holistic, healthy lifestyle through personal training, nutrition consulting and mindful practice.


Cutting through the overload and overwhelm of trends, fads and noise, Coach Stan is your secret weapon to becoming the best version of yourself with smart, simple and sustainable habits.


Choose health, form habits and feel your best! Are you ready to start living a life of happiness and health?



2019 is YOUR year! Whether you are completely new to health and fitness in general, or just need guidance to tackle a fresh routine, Coach Stan is here to help you with a custom approach to becoming your best self. Although you will want to see quick results, we need to be in it for the long haul in order to develop the healthy habits that are both sustainable and effective. This approach will keep you strong and in shape for a lifetime - not just a summer season.


Getting your physical training on track and nutrition dialed in is the one-two punch to get you where you want to be. You deserve to live healthiest life that you possibly can.


Whether you want to close a gap in performance, are looking to obliterate your personal records, or just need to get back at it with intention and enthusiasm, Coach Stan can help.


Even those of us who know a thing or two about physical fitness need a reset and revamp to get us where we want to go every now and again.


Coach Stan is in your corner with the plan ready to help you tackle on your goals that you’ve set to accomplish!


You have your sites set on that podium but need another level of coaching, nutrition and conditioning to get you the gold. With higher stakes and more volume, it is critical to make sure you have a solid training strategy and plan in place.


Coach Stan has the certifications and technical chops to raise the bar on your physical training and nutrition plan so that you will show up feeling your very best for the big day. As someone who trains 6-days a week himself and appreciates the potential of food as fuel, he has the practical expertise and wealth of knowledge to come up with the winning plan just for you.


For someone living with a chronic condition, health and fitness takes on a special importance and requires special attention. Starting with getting you back to a baseline, Coach Stan will leverage his unique skill set and years of experience as both a CrossFit/Nutrition Coach and nurse to help you feel like yourself again.


Beyond getting you to a strong and steady place, Stan will teach you the why behind the how, so you have the tools and knowledge about physical training and nutrition for the healthiest, happiest YOU.



Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, Coach Stan is the man, myth and machine you want in your corner as you make health and fitness a habit for life.


Born in Uzbekistan, Stan immigrated to the Big Apple at 14-years-old. Raised by his dedicated, diligent and resilient mother, he learned that consistent study, practice, hard work and patience will get you where you want to go.


As a collegiate tennis athlete pursuing his nursing degree at Hunter College, Stan developed a strong appreciation for the discipline and focus required to perform at your best - mind, body and soul.


Starting his career as a healthcare professional, Stan was often disheartened by the lack of proactive health care or preventative measures - the system was focused on treating the symptoms when proper nutrition and fitness could control or avoid many of the conditions he saw altogether.


It wasn’t until his tenure with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY that Stan met and fell in love with CrossFit. Following an opportunity to join the prestigious NY Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital, he completed CrossFit NYC’s Coaching Mentorship Program under Head Coach Sara Carr and became a trainer at CrossFit NYC, one of the largest CrossFit affiliates in the world.


Today, Stan is the Co-Owner, Coach and Operations Manager for Rhapsody CrossFit in historic downtown Charleston along with serving as a Registered Nurse with Roper Saint Francis. In 2018, he rounded out his wellness background by attaining his Precision Nutrition certification and joining the ranks of the world’s top nutrition professionals.


Based on his own experience with fighting for a consistent nutrition and fitness regimen despite erratic schedules, constant distractions and high demands, Stan knows that success starts with making one choice at a time - choices become habits, habits become routines, and routines become a lifestyle.   


Beyond fad diets and quick-fix fitness, Stan is committed to helping you form healthy habits that will last a lifetime - not just a stint or a season. This is a marathon, not a sprint and he is with you for every step of the way.


Whether you have never counted a macro in your life, are an athlete looking to get his groove back, a competitor going for her gold, or someone coping with a chronic disease who wants a new normal, Stan is here to help you with physical training,  a nutrition plan and health for life.

Stan Tsoy’s Credentials, Certifications + Education

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • RN, BSN

  • CrossFit NYC Coaching Mentorship Program

  • CrossFit Specialty Course Strongman

  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Running

  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Scaling

  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Spot The Flaw

  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Lesson Planning

  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Anatomy

  • Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Chris Hinshaw

  • BCLS (Basic Life Support)

  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

  • ACLS (Adult Cardiac Life Support)

  • 9+ Years of Emergency Care

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